With A Little Help From Our Friends

Today was another big day at RightSite as we hosted our first focus group meeting. Right here in Mike’s living room.

Since our little company still lacks understanding in some critical areas of our business, we are relying on input from friends through these focus groups to help fill in the knowledge gaps.

Today we had nine guests attending who are experts in sales, graphic design, website construction, marketing and business development, and, of course, industrial property. All of them had helpful ideas on how to improve Rightsite. (And they seemed to enjoy the New York Style Pizza too).

In this first session, we concentrated on introducing the project and using the site map to show how it will be structured. Here are our friends who attended.

To follow up we are planning some future sessions focussing on figuring out our user needs, how best to structure search for properties, and other issues that were raised today. For some of these sessions we will create subgroups (especially for the geekier topics), and then for more global issues we will bring the whole group together again.

If you would be interested in joining in one of our future focus group sessions, please let me know. We would welcome your contribution. Also, if you are interested in knowing the content of today’s session, here’s a copy of the presentation, rightsite-intro-2008-04-23.

Finally, special thanks to Knight Frank for loan of the data projector that powered our powerpoint (actually NeoOffice Impress) presentation.

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