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Zhang Xin and Pan Shiyi’s SOHO China Selling Three Shanghai Office Projects

SOHO China Zhang Xin Pan Shiyi

Once the most aggressive developer in Shanghai, SOHO China is reported to be selling three of the 12 projects that it has acquired in Shanghai as the firm may be struggling to implement all of the buildings in its pipeline.The three projects, one in Jing'An district and the other two in Hongkou, … [Read more...]

Has Sunac Replaced SOHO as China’s Most Aggressive Developer?

Pan Shiyi SOHO

The surge of land and project acquisitions in China during the past week raises the question of which of the country's fearless real estate developers is actually the most aggressive. While this may be a bit like trying to figure out which of the people waiting beside you for the subway is most … [Read more...]

Soho Sells 2 Buildings in Shanghai for RMB 5.23B – Misses Price Target

Pan Shiyi Soho Galaxy

Beijing-based real estate company Soho China announced on Friday that it is selling two commercial projects in Shanghai for RMB 5.23 billion ($851 million). The sale price is well below what the developer asked for, as the market for commercial real estate outside of Shanghai's core downtown areas … [Read more...]

Profits Drop 47% for Soho China as Developer Struggles with Strategy Shift

Soho China Pan Shiyi Zhang Xin

Beijing-based real estate developer Soho China reported a 47 percent drop in profits for the second half of 2013, as the developer which made its name building office complexes and then selling off individual units, struggles to switch to a new business model. Soho, which was among the most … [Read more...]

Court Battle Reveals SOHO Strategy for Acquiring Bund Project

Fosun Chairman Guo Guanchang

Since going to court in Shanghai, the lawsuit filed by Chinese developer Fosun, against its Beijing-based competitor SOHO China, has revealed the approach by which SOHO has been able to buy into the controversial Bund Financial Centre project in Shanghai.On Dec 29, 2011, SOHO China announced … [Read more...]

SOHO China Changes to Leasing Space After 65% Profit Drop

Zhang Xin of SOHO

After seeing the company's profits drop by 65% in the most recent quarter, Beijing-based real estate developer SOHO China has announced that it plans to shift its approach from selling commercial real estate to individual investors to leasing out its own buildings to tenants.The change in … [Read more...]

Fosun and SOHO Bund Deal a Bad Blind Date

Fosun SOHO site on Shanghai's Bund

In a report today on the Wall Street Journal, Esther Fung looks into the strange partnership of China real estate developers Fosun and SOHO for a site on Shanghai's Bund.As announced recently by SOHO, and subsequently denounced by Fosun, SOHO has allegedly agreed with Shanghai Zendai and … [Read more...]

SOHO China Buys Project in Shanghai’s JingAn District

Soho China Buys Project in Shanghai's JingAn District

SOHO China announced on April 1st, that an agreement had been reached with Shanghai JingAn Real Estate Co to acquire an 81,000 sqm commercial real estate project currently in progress in Shanghai's Caojiadu area for RMB 1.6 billion.According to the agreement, upon meeting the conditions for the … [Read more...]